Glass  Wind

People love to hear the soft music put out by chimes gently blowing in the
These wind chimes have their own special qualities.  First of all, you can
spell out any name or words that you want.  You can spell out your
schools mascot and show off your spirit.   You can spell out your home
town or business name.
You can even  create a personalized chime
for someone with their own name.
For those people that have unique
names, such as myself, this is a great opportunity to have something with
the correct spelling of their name, and something nice to look at and hear.
 Secondly, these are a great gift and are guaranteed not to break in the
wind for up to one year.  If they do happen to break due to the wind, all
you have to do is contact us with the letters you need and we will get
them to you. And to finish up, they are made from recycled glass and tie
into the commitment that BAY'S Country Charm has; helping to preserve
our environment.   

When you buy a wind chime, it comes with the number of
letters that you need, the holder for the chime and the special
string used to hold the letters in place.
The prices range depending on the amount of letters needed
and a holder can support up to 12 letters.

If you have any more questions about these great chimes,
E-Mail us.


Number of letters            Cost
3 Letters                         $13.50
4 Letters                         $16.00
5 Letters                         $18.50
6 Letters                         $21.00
7 Letters                         $23.50

Additional letters are   $2.50 each.
Individual letters are   $2.75 each
Individual holders are $7.00 each

We also offer these heart wind chimes,
but they come in amethyst and blue.

Just and example of what the chimes
look like once they are assembled.